Tales of Bobbi Niger

Tales of Bobbi Niger

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Album Release Press for TogoRhino's "Tales of Bobbi Niger"

Get ready for a musical adventure with TogoRhino's latest album, Tales of Bobbi Niger. This album blends West African Desert Blues, Mississippi Hill Country Blues, and Gospel into a mesmerizing genre known as "trance blues." Feel the rhythm and funky groove that define TogoRhino's sound. The music is both soothing and energetic, creating an enchanting experience that makes sitting still impossible.

A Unique Musical Fusion

TogoRhino came together two years ago when singer/guitarist Alain Apaloo invited singer/harmonica player Peter Nande, singer/percussionist Sal Dibba, and guitarist Olav Poulsen for a jam session in Copenhagen. Combining West African music with contemporary blues and roots, TogoRhino was born. Tales of Bobbi Niger includes seven original songs and five covers, all products of spontaneous studio jams, capturing genuine musical communion.

Captivating Performances

TogoRhino's music is characterized by compelling rhythms and a funky groove that swings sky-high. Their sound is hypnotic yet dynamic, intense yet soothing, often leaving audiences spellbound and in a meditative state. The four seasoned musicians bring a playful and experimental spirit to their performances, delivering blues with raw energy and a feel-good attitude.

An Immersive Exploration

"Tales of Bobbi Niger" promises an immersive exploration of trance blues, breaking musical boundaries. This album captures moments of creative synergy, inviting listeners to embrace TogoRhino's enchanting rhythms and funky grooves.

For a unique and unforgettable musical experience, dive into Tales of Bobbi Niger and enjoy the vibrant, eclectic sounds of TogoRhino. Enjoy!

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