Big Boy Boogie

Big Boy Boogie

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Big Boy Boogie
California Sessions Vol. I
Straight Shooter – SHOT 001

Hey now, “Icepick James” here, writin’ liner notes again. This time the story is about how we spent two straight weeks eating, drinkin’, laughin’
and tellin’ lies and stories while actually recording a really cool, fresh album for my pal, Peter Nande, or “Big Boy Pete” as I nick-named him a few years ago. In fact, we did so well … the biggest job proved to be pickin’ the dozen or so tunes for this release, out of a 24 item list! That tells you that his next release will certainly be out faster than the four
years it took to get to this one after his last one: “Nande and The Big Difference”, back in 2002. Now you can just slip this tiny platter with the big sound into your favorite music playin’ devise, pour yourself some mellow, mellow wine and join in on the fun, doin’ the Big Boy Boogie ‘til Big Boy Pete hits yo’ town sooner or later! Please kick on back and enjoy this mess to the fullest, my blues lovin’ friends around the world … ‘Coz baby, this stuffgoes down smooth! 

Thank you baby!

James Harman



Vocals & harmonica: Peter Nande
Guitar: Nathan James
Guitar: Ronni Busack-Boysen
Guitar: Jr. Watson
Organ & Piano: Carl Sonny Leyland 
Percussion: James Michael Tempo
Upright and electric bass: Buddy Clark 
Drums: Hal Smith

Produced by James Harman

Recorded by Nathan James at Nathan James’ House, Oceanside,

California, USA, May 2006

Mixed by Nathan James, James Harman & Peter Nande
Mastered by Lou Hemsey Music & Film, N. Hollywood, CA

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